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How does a Gas Geyser work?

February 15, 2021Uncategorized

Let’s be honest, gas geysers can be a bit of a confusing topic. We understand though, that the name itself can be confusing. Gas geysers are also referred to as gas water heaters, as they heat water on demand. This means that they are...

low water pressure

8 Ways To Fix Your Low Water Pressure

September 11, 2020Articles

It really is frustrating and groan-inducing when you turn on a tap only to see a sad-looking slow drizzle coming out. Water pressure problems may affect your entire neighbourhood or just your house. Here are 10 ways you can figure out...

how to unblock a clogged drain

How To Unblock A Clogged Drain

July 26, 2020Articles

How to unblock a clogged drain and get rid of the foul smell,you might notice a strange gurgling sound erupting from the drain, the slow emptying of the bathtub or you’re on the extreme end and have a sink whose water level just won’t...


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