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5 Star Blocked Drain Plumbers Johannesburg

If you need a blocked drain solution, then DMS blocked drain plumbers will fix your blockage in no time at all. We use advanced blocked drain technology to clear any drain. Whether you have a residential or commercial blocked drain, our machinery will do the job. Our blocked plumbers have been trained to assess the blocked drain in a professional way and to get the blockage unblocked in record time. 

DMS Plumbing is an accredited plumbing contractor in Johannesburg and surrounding regions. We are registered with IOPSA (Institute of Plumbing South Africa), and we are also registered with PIRB (the Plumbing Industry Registration Board). When you work with DMS Plumber services in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, you can rest assured that you are dealing with plumbers who are qualified, experienced, accredited, and knowledgeable.

Our plumber professionals are top notch and will clear your blockage in record time. We appreciate that blockage cleaners don’t always work and that can be quite a nuisance. You just want the blockage to get fixed and to move on with your life. Therefore, we make every attempt to come in, get the job done in a professional way and then to leave you with a drain that has been cleared and flows well.

DMS Plumbing Offer Blocked Drain Services These Areas:

The professional plumbers at DMS Plumbing cover a wide area in and around Johannesburg. These areas include:

Johannesburg, Johannesburg South, Alberton, Germiston, Vereeniging, Kempton Park, Edenvale, Bedfordview, Boksburg, Benoni, Sandton, Rosebank, Roodepoort, Randburg. Fourways, and other parts in Gauteng

Our Johannesburg Plumber Services

DMS Plumbing services offer our Johannesburg community a wide range of professional plumber services which include:

Geyser Installation

Geyser Repair

Geyser Servicing

Burst Geyser Services

Leak Detection Services

Repair of Leaks

Solar Geyser Installation

Solar Geyser Repairs

Unblocking Blocked Drains, including shower drains, sewage drains, bathroom drains and more

Fixing and replacing burst pipes

Laying new drains and offering high quality drainage solutions

Grease Trap Cleaning

Heat Pump Installation & Repairs

Gas Geyser Installation

General Plumbing Maintenance

Bathroom Renovations

Commercial Plumbing

Industrial Plumbing

Residential Plumbing

And much more…

If you want to work with the best drain unblocking plumbers in Johannesburg, then DMS Plumbers is the company to call. We cater for all plumbing needs, and you can rest assured that the pipes in and round your home that are blocked will be handled by professionals with the highest blockage clearing standards.

Blocked Drain - DMS Plumbing

What are the signs of a blocked drain?

Foul Smell

When you start to get a bad smell around your property, then you probably have a blockage somewhere on your premises. This will need to be looked at quickly as a blocked drain can cause flooding and other damage. Don’t let a blockage cause a house flood and ruin your carpets or wooden flooring. Get the experts that will sort out the drain blockage so that you can get on with your life.

Strange noises

If you are hearing strange noises coming from the drains around your home, then it is likely that they are not functioning properly and may need to be cleared. This can include gurgling or splashing sounds, as well as a feeling of wetness or sliminess on the floor where the drain is located. A lot of people just ignore these sounds hoping that they would go away. The reality is, they don’t and if you don’t deal with it, then the chances are that the clog can cause your drain pipe to push back water through the pipes. This is something you want to avoid.

Slow draining sinks or toilets

If you have a sink or toilet that is slowly draining, then it may be blocked. This will cause water to build up and overflow onto the floor, which is inconvenient as well as messy. Water is supposed to flow quickly through a drain, but if it starts to take longer for water to drain away then this could be an indication that there is something that clog the drainage system.


If there is an overflowing issue then it will be noticeable. This can happen with sinks, toilets, showers, baths and even basements. It is important to get a professional drainage inspection if you notice any of these signs as this may indicate that your drains are not working properly and need to be cleared quickly. If you are flushing the toilet and the water keep pushing back up, then it also causes a health risk. Pouring boiling water down a toilet may work but seldom does. It’s best to call the professional drain cleaners who can unblock your drain quickly.

What would cause a drain to be blocked?

Tree roots

If there are tree roots that have started to grow into the drain system then they can become a problem. Root systems can cause obstructions in the pipes, which will then stop water from flowing properly. This will force water up through the drain and onto the floor, which is just annoying as well as harmful if left unchecked. Something like hot water is not going to solve this issue. You will need specialized equipment that cuts through the tree roots underground so that your drain can be cleared.


If there are any objects that have been flushed down the toilet such as sanitary products, hair extensions or other foreign objects, then they can block the drain. This is particularly common in older homes where pipes may not be able to cope with these larger objects. In this case, the object will need to be removed by a professional plumbing company. It is never advisable to throw any objects that are not meant to go down the toilet, into the toilet. You could try a plunger to unblock the drain, but if the foreign object is too large, then unfortunately a plunger won’t do.

Foreign objects

As mentioned earlier, if there are any foreign objects (like child toys, cigarette stumps, female products, etc) that have been flushed down the toilet, then it is likely that they are just large enough to block the drain. In this case, you will need to call in a professional plumber who can remove the object and clear the blockage. This could even be something as simple as a piece of cloth or paper. If however, the obstruction is more serious, then DMS Plumbing professionals may need to use special equipment such as an auger or cutter pipe cleaner.

Cooking oil

Cooking oil can also cause problems with drains. If it has solidified and blocked the drain, then a professional licensed plumber may need to use an auger or drain snake to clear the obstruction. This is particularly common if there is cooking oil residue built up on the inside of the pipe. Boiling water or baking soda may also help to unclog the drain pipe.

Food scraps

If there are any food scraps or other kitchen waste that have been flushed down the toilet or kitchen sink, then they can also block drains. In this case, a plunger may not be able to dislodge the object and you will need to call in a professional with a plumber’s snake to get the job done. These food particles could include anything from bones to bits of paper towel.

Mineral Buildup

If there is mineral build-up on the inside of a drain pipe, this can also cause problems. This can happen if water runs slowly or does not flow freely through the pipe, which is often caused by debris and build up. In order to clear a clog like this, DMS Plumbing professionals may need to use a plunger, auger or snake with a jetter attachment. We will also need to pour hot water down the drain in order to dislodge any obstructions and clear out the obstruction completely.


Soap can also be a common drain obstruction. Dirty or sudsy hands can easily cause building up of soap on the inside of a pipe, and this will eventually clog it up. In order to clear an obstruction like this, you will need to pour some boiling water down the drain followed by dishwashing detergent. You can also try some vinegar or baking soda to see if that would clear the drain. If that does not work, then you may need to call in a professional plumber who possesses specialist equipment such as an auger or drain snake or other equipment designed to clear blockages.


Hair can also become a common obstruction in drains. If someone has long hair, it can easily get caught up in the pipes and cause a clogged drain. In order to clear an obstruction like this, you will need to use a plunger or some other type of vacuum cleaner with a cone-shaped head. You will then need to place the end of the head into the drain opening and push down hard while suction is created. Sometimes these hair bits get caught up in the p-trap. You could dismantle the p-trap and clear it from hair residue if it caused a clog.

There are many reasons why a drain may get clogged up. Sometimes it’s as simple as pouring boiling water down the drain to get it unclogged. Other times, you need a more professional approach to unclog your drain.

DMS Plumbers in Johannesburg can assist you with all your blocked drain head aches. Just give us a call and our professional plumbers will rush out to help you with your blocked drain.


Subsoil Drains

To ensure that your home and garden is safe from the risk of water damage, you will need to have some form of drainage installed. An effective yet unobtrusive method is to use subsoil drainage.


Storm Water Drains

Stormwater drainage is the process of draining excess water from streets, sidewalks, roofs, buildings, and other areas. The systems used to drain stormwater are often referred to as storm drains, but they are also called storm sewers and drainage wells. Sometimes people confuse stormwater drainage systems with sanitation sewers, but storm drains often function separately from sewer systems created for sanitation purposes.


Septic Tanks & French Drains

Septic Tanks coupled with a French Drain (absorption chamber) are one of the most common sewerage waste treatment processes used here in South Africa. The solids settle to the bottom, the scum floats to the top and the liquid effluent flows through an outlet pipe into a distribution chamber, where it is directed to the septic field. The septic field is an effluent water disposal system, where the liquid is channelled through perforated pipes to different parts of a field of loose gravel. 


Areas We Service

We have plumbers in Johannesburg operating on domestic, commercial, retail and hospitality levels. 

Additionally, we operate on a national level for commercial projects, extending our commercial plumbing services to Cape Town, Durban, East London & Plettenburg Bay.


  • Midrand
  • Krugersdorp
  • Roodepoort
  • Sandton
  • Randburg
  • Kempton Park
  • Benoni
  • Boksburg
  • Springs
  • Meyersdal
  • Alberton
  • Vereeniging

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