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Gas Geyser Installers & Suppliers

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about geysers is that they last a lifetime, and should only be checked once in a blue moon when there’s no hot water or water running out of the tap. 

Gambling on the lifespan of your geyser isn’t worth it, unless taking a cold shower in the morning is one of your remedies for having a successful day.

How to Know You To Replace Your Geyser

  • Your Geyser Is From A Bygone Era
    The older something gets, the more prone it is to malfunctioning. If your geyser has been utilised for more than twelve years, it was created in a bygone era. Back then, geysers weren’t designed to be eco or power-consumption friendly. Replacing your old geyser with a newer model is good for your purse, saving you on your electricity bill! Besides that, you want to save the planet, don’t you?
  • Tank Leakages
    In most cases, geyser leakages are caused by an internal problem. Over time, that leak can get substantially worse, and result in damage not only to the immediate surroundings of your geyser, but everything beneath it if it overflows, including furniture, cupboards, carpets and more! If you suspect your geyser is leaking, don’t hesitate to get a plumber involved!
  • There’s Rust!
    Checking your geyser on a frequent basis, paying particular attention to the temperature-pressure valve and inlet-outlet connections is important to pick up on any rust or corrosion that could cause major damage down the line. Should any rust be detected, once it starts it cannot stop and will ultimately cause a significant amount of leakage with the risk of damaging all its surroundings.
  • Water Ain’t Hot Enough!
    If you’re only getting luke-warm water, or no hot water at all, it most likely means the heating element has been worn out due to age or sediments built up. If your geyser is more than 12 years old it may be worth replacing the whole geyser instead of just the element, which your purse will thank you for in the long-run.

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Areas We Service

We have plumbers in Johannesburg operating on domestic, commercial, retail and hospitality levels. 

Additionally, we operate on a national level for commercial projects, extending our commercial plumbing services to Cape Town, Durban, East London & Plettenburg Bay.


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