Water filtration systems installation whether for home or for business, have numerous and free-flowing  benefits (pun intended). Not only will you see benefits to your health, your taste buds and peace of mind, but there are many aspects of saving money that more than justify the initial investment.

Safer drinking water

Unfiltered water, even if it has been treated, will still have a percentage of contaminants such as trace amounts of lead. Water treatment works may add chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine to the water as their treatment method. When you have an advanced home water filtration system, these chemicals, other impurities and most of the 2,100 known toxins in drinking water are removed.



Protect the environment

When your tap water is “good enough to drink”, your days of feeling the need to buy bottled water disappear. This makes a significant impact in reducing your plastic waste footprint. 1,000,000 plastic bottles are sold around the world every minute and less than half of those bottles will be recycled properly.



Save money

If you’re not buying bottled water, it means you’re not having to spend money. With the one time cost to install the water filtration system and the on-going low cost of filter replacements, you can avoid having to purchase expensive bottled water while enjoying the taste and health benefits associated with fresh, clean drinking water.



Extend the life of your home’s plumbing system

Heavy metals, minerals and chemicals in unfiltered water can cause damage to your plumbing system. By eliminating lime scale buildup, water using appliances (dishwashers, washers, hot water heaters) and pipes in your home can easily outlive their warranties. Hard minerals as a result create a buildup in your appliances causing them to clog and work less efficiently.



Contamination prevention

If the council works in or near the plumbing infrastructure around your home, it can cause water contamination by entering the plumbing system. This poses a major health concern for your whole family. However, you will be protected by having an advanced home water filtration system installed for the whole house.



Use less soap

An advanced home water filtration system acts in the same way as a water softener. This will help you to use less soap to clean your body, your dishes and your clothes. Hard water has minerals that prevents the ionic action of soap, thus its cleaning power is minimized. With less sediment, chemicals, and minerals in the water, your clothes will sustain less damage with every wash.



Improve soap scum and deposits on clothes and appliances

Over time, the chemicals in unclean tap water will leave deposits on clothes, causing them to smell differently. With less sediment, chemicals, and minerals in the water it creates overall health and durability for any linen based items in your home. It also can lead to rashes and allergies. Likewise, unclean water causes soap scum build-up on your dishes, your clothes and your bathroom.


Water Filtration System Installation


Improve taste

There’s nothing quite like a glass of refreshing cold water on a hot day. Unless that glass of water tastes and smells a little off. The potency of this “offness” can vary depending on the water quality in your area but one of the best benefits of filtered water is that you can make this odour a thing of the past and give yourself clean drinking water, every time.



Lower the risk of illness

Several parasites can be found in the water and many microscopic organisms live in sources of water that have not been treated properly. Parasites that can cause intestinal and digestive problems are removed by filtration. While removing particulates from water can prevent some types of diseases from developing, the reality is that drinking cleaner water also gives your body the extra boost it needs to fight other illnesses and diseases. It improves your level of health and well-being, and this boosts your immune system.


Home Water Filtration System


Aggravated skin conditions

The heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine, as well as the various other toxins, found in unfiltered water make the water quite hard. This hardness along with the chemicals can aggravate sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Rather than managing the problems caused by hard water and water contaminants as they occur, why not manage them every day? A home water filtration will give you peace of mind in addition to a cleaner, better-tasting water.



You can up your game, with the help of DMS plumbing and BWT. As BWT offers advanced home filtration systems the two solutions we recommend are, the first being an under the sink installation filter and the second being a pointed entry filter installation, meaning that all water supplied to the house is filtered before coming out of your taps.

Call DMS plumbing today to enquire about your new home advanced filtration system and installation.

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