Gutters are an essential part of every household, even if it doesn’t always feel like it when the winter months bring a lack of rain. They channel rainwater that would otherwise collect near standing areas and building foundations, where over time they can cause significant structural problems. To this end, every gutter system requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep them clear, so that they can do the job of channelling excess water unhindered. So, if you were wondering why you should do it, and when would be a good time, here is a little more information.

Why keep your gutters clear?

Overtime, the gutters in your home will get bogged down by dirt and debris which can reduce their effectiveness. This is particularly the case in homesteads where pine and oak trees are plentiful, since they tend to shed quite a lot.

When your gutters get bogged down, water cannot flow smoothly through them during times of heavy rain, which can cause them to overflow into your home. This might result in unsightly water stains on your walls, the onset of stubborn dampness, or in worst case scenarios, mild to severe structural damage.

Because of this, it is a crucial responsibility for any homeowner to ensure that their gutters are kept clear through regular and careful maintenance. Failing to do so can result in the need for avoidable, but expensive repairs.

How often should I clean my gutters?

The frequency at which you should clean your gutters depends largely on how likely they are to get clogged, which has a lot to do with the environment and conditions under which they operate. If you have gone for long periods with no rain, and are expecting some, then you should have them cleared as quickly as possible.

Beyond that, most experts recommend that you clear your gutters no less than twice a year, with quarterly maintenance being needed in some cases, but the frequency depends entirely on your situation.                               

Can I do it myself?

Clearing your gutters can be done yourself if you take exceptional care and have the right equipment. There are a variety of chemicals that you can use, and even household products like vinegar work with warm water if the situation isn’t too severe. However, it is dangerous, dirty slog, and can take hours if you haven’t got much experience, so it is better to have it done by a professional.

Who should I call?

If you would like more information on having the gutters in your home cleaned by thorough, highly skilled and experienced professionals, be sure to contact a consultant from DMS Plumbing today. We are a long-standing plumbing service provider with years of experience in excellence, and are waiting for your call.

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