It’s true that if you know your way around a tap washer or showerhead, you may save yourself a morsel of money by tinkering with your own plumbing. Professional plumbers are skilled, trained tradesmen though, and our licenses guarantee high-quality services, and no emergency plumbing oopsies.


Emergency Plumbing - Why should I hire a professional plumber?


Our biggest fear about DIY plumbing: Oopsies

Although plumbing isn’t considered a “dangerous” profession by most, plumbers do face more perils than one might realize. A fascinating 1952 study into the hazards of plumbing paints a precarious picture of the trade, and will perhaps discourage people from tampering with their own pipes and making emergency plumbing call-outs.

Emergency Plumbing - Why should I hire a professional plumber?


Though times and procedures have changed, many of the hazards in plumbing remain:


Damage to hearing – Working with plumbing can subject your ears to a lot of sudden, loud noises, such as shrieking metal, power tools or clanging repair work.



Putting eyes at risk – Professional plumbers wear protective eyewear. When wedged into closed spaces, hot steam, water or chemical spills, flying sparks or metal shards can do serious damage to your eyes.


Emergency Plumbing - Why should I hire a professional plumber?


Mold – It comes as no surprise that when venturing head-first into the damp cupboard beneath the sink you may encounter nasty mold spores. These can cause upper respiratory irritations and even dangerous infections.



Basic clumsiness – Simply because of the environments that plumbing work exists in, head bumps and slipping on wet tiles are unfortunately common accidents.



Electric shock – combining electrical power tools with wet bathroom and kitchen spaces always make us nervous, even as professional emergency plumbers with years of experience.



Bugger-up’s – The leak is now a pour. The showerhead no longer fits. The geyser is cold or, even worse, overheating. Behold! The most common oopsie among non-licensed or DIY plumbers: the bugger-up.


Emergency Plumbing - Why should I hire a professional plumber?


Let the professionals take the risks

There is immense pleasure and peace of mind in knowing that your pipes are in professional hands and in the effortless ease of allowing someone who is experienced, authorized, and just plain awesome, to do a dirty job that you hate. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should be hiring a licensed plumber for your plumbing emergencies:


Why should I hire a professional plumber?


1. Personal Safety

A professional plumber is trained and experienced in the dangers of his field, we are kitted out with safety goggles, face masks, heavy-duty gloves, and safety boots.



2. Warranty retention

The story goes like this: Unlicensed Handyman Joe tampers with a faulty geyser, and serves to make matters worse. Client Mary tries to make a warranty claim. The nasty people at the geyser shop deny Mary’s claim because they can see that Handyman Joe has tampered with it. Insurance won’t cover replacement, for the same reason. It’s a classic bugger-up scenario, and no one wins. Rather entrust your plumbing appliances to a licensed professional, which will ensure that your warranties remain valid.



3. Building compliance

A licensed plumber knows the laws around building regulations – you can rest assured that should you need to put in an insurance claim for a plumbing-related incident, you won’t be denied because of non-compliant plumbing.


Emergency Plumbing - Why should I hire a professional plumber?


We are just plain awesome, too!

DMS Plumbing is a fully licensed plumbing contractor, with 24/7 emergency plumbing services. No matter the time of day or night, there is no reason that you should subject yourself to DIY plumbing, or take a risk on Handyman Joe down the road.

Rather call us – we are here to help!



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