grease traps

Wastewater that is high in fat, oil and grease can affect the commercial kitchens. The food that is prepared usually contains a high grease and oil content. This can affect the drain and the wastewater will contain ample amounts of liquid waste and grease. If the wastewater flow is unchecked into the sewer lines then the oil grease and the suspended solid particles will start to accumulate within the sewer lines. The waste items that are accumulated will block the sewer lines and drain pipes. This will also cause a smell and restaurant owners cannot afford to have block drain pipelines and a sewer problem that could be bad for the business.

Grease Traps

Grease traps normally lie in the sewer and the drainage system of the restaurant. The tank is designed to catch the storing of fats and oils that are flushed into the drain system. They occur from various cooking and cleaning activities. Some chemicals can affect the drain system and cause a lot of blockages. When the wastewater enters the tank, the solid waste will sink bottom and it is heavy and thick.  The wastewater that is contained in the reservoir is served to cool the grease and the oil to the room temperature.

Grease traps cannot store items immediately because once the grease trap is filled to its capacity then it could lead to a major blockage and back-ups. Oil takes time to dissolve and pouring down the drain can cause blockage, grease traps do not damage the pipeline but it causes a smell and it can affect the drain. The wastewater tends to escape from the tube fittings towards the exit pipes. Once the wastewater enters the sewer lines it can drain out.

When grease goes into the waste streams it could end up causing major clogs in the sewer lines. Once the grease trap is filled to the brim then the restaurant owner will experience issues with the drain pipeline and it will end up flooding the kitchen and cause a lot of damage which will cost an arm and a leg to get it repaired.

DMS Plumbing

Getting a professional to service your grease traps regularly will be very beneficiary to you and your business. DMS Plumbing will service your grease traps regularly and your drain system will function at optimal levels for longer.

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