Does your drain require cleaning services? Today we will answer important questions that many might be having. Most homeowners experience drain issues from time to time. Some may be small problems and others are much bigger. Cleaning out your drain on a regular basis can assist in avoiding drain related issues later on. Below we will look at a few signs that may suggest you need your drain leaned.

Are your bathroom or kitchen drains slow?

If you have noticed that the sinks around your home are slow to drain, you may have an issue somewhere down the line. Slow drains are a sign of a clog or something even worse. This may even be a hidden root problem that needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

Are your toilets overflowing?

If your toilets are overflowing regularly, you may need to call a drain cleaning specialist to fix your sewer issues. While toilets do overflow sometimes, if this happens over and over again, there is a high possibility that you have a drain issue. Therefore, if your toilets are not flushing correctly, be sure to get some advice from a professional.

Is your water backing up?

If water backs up in your bathtub and sinks, it can be a sign that your drain line has a blockage and is causing water to come back up. This is an extremely unsanitary issue that needs to be fixed by a professional drain cleaning company in your area. Water that comes back in your home can cause extreme damage to your floors which could become costly. Ensure to get those drains checked as soon as possible.

Are you using a large amount liquid drain cleaner?

Many homeowners that experience drain problems will attempt to fix it with liquid drain cleaner. If you use a large amount of liquid drain cleaner, this will not solve the source of the problem as well as be dangerous. People will children or pets should avoid using drain cleaners and rather call their local drain cleaning experts instead.

Is there a terrible smell in your home?

If the pipes that come into your home have a dreadful smell, there may be a problem in your sewer drain. Bad smells can be a sign of a clog that has built up for a long time. This happens when grease and food particles get washed down the kitchen sink. In addition, a rodent may be stuck in your drain lines causing a severe health risk for you and your family.


If you are battling with the above problems, call DMS Plumbing for professional drain cleaning solutions. We specialise in drains and drain camera inspections. Visit our website and get a quote today!

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