We’re not usually bothered with statistics – who makes them up anyway? – but we stumbled across one stat that did bother us. According to research (or the people who make up stats), 14% of water usage in South Africa can be accounted to pipe leakages. 

As experts in plumbing, we found this disturbing, as most leaks can be solved with simple plumbing maintenance and leak detection. 

We understand: you’re not the expert

Having said all that, we understand: we’re the experts, not you. We wake up each and every day to face the plumbing challenges that our customers cannot – and for us it sometimes seems effortless. We’re equipped with the knowledge and savvy to detect leaks and other problems before they become a catastrophe. 

As a regular non-plumbing person, it may help you to know what to look out for, if you’re concerned about the pipes, taps or drains in your home or business: 

Leaky taps are among the most common household and business plumbing issues, leading to a waste of water, elevated bills, and the annoyance of constant dripping and mess. These can lead to bigger problems, and when left unaddressed, they only get worse. 

Drain blockages become apparent when water takes a long time to drain away from a sink or a bath and could simply mean a collection of debris within the plug-pipe area, or a more serious blockage deeper into your drainage system. 

Slow draining toilets also indicate a blockage that keeps the water from flushing effectively. This isn’t just concerning, as it could lead to a flooded bathroom, but it also poses a hygiene threat, due to waste not flushing away properly. Gross. 

Unusual pipe sounds and smells can also indicate blockages and stagnant water, which may be worth checking out if you’d like to rule out paranormal ghost activity. 

Short of Inviting a Plumber to Live With You…

… there’s only so many times a day that you can call a plumber to look at something that seems “off”. Unless he’s hot. Then, call away.  

But you don’t want to risk a broken tap flooding your kitchen, or a burst geyser destroying your persian cashmere carpets. 

That’s why developing a relationship with a plumber makes sense. Your home or business is checked regularly for leaks, blockages and other potential plumbing risks, giving you the opportunity to address them before you’re faced with a more costly repair or a total crisis. 

A registered qualified plumber (who can issue you a certificate of compliance) should cover the inspection and advice for every aspect of plumbing, beyond pipes and taps and toilets. A company like DMS Plumbing can offer maintenance that covers: 

  • Burst water pipe risks
  • Drain inspections (sometimes using a camera)
  • Gas Geyser maintenance
  • Electrical Geyser maintenance
  • Heat Pumps
  • Gutters and Downpipe Systems
  • Industrial Plumbing
  • Water filtration and purification systems.

A Plumbing Maintenance SLA Will Save You Money

We get it. It feels like insurance. You’re paying for “maintenance”, never knowing if and when and how you might need it. If you have a service level agreement with DMS Plumbing, we’re always there and you never have to worry about unforeseen problems. 

We want you feeling empowered. Kind of like going to the dentist and he gives you a metaphorical high-five because your teeth look great! And it’s all because you look after them. You brush twice each day. You floss regularly. You use the mouth-wash. You invest in them so you don’t have to spend thousands repairing cavities and undergoing painful root canals. 

In the same way, investing in routine plumbing maintenance will save you from having to spend thousands on major plumbing repairs and water damage. Essentially, it an ongoing relationship with a certified company such as DMS Plumbing will save you:

  • Expensive repairs to burst pipes
  • Geyser replacements due to burst geyser
  • Water damage to buildings, wall, plaster and paint
  • Water damage to carpets and laminate or wood flooring
  • Damage to furniture and personal belongings
  • Interruption to your life and / or business
  • Insurance costs pertaining to all of the above

Life happens. Dare we say it: shit happens. Especially in the plumbing industry. 

You don’t want to be caught with your pants down. Protect your home or business with a plumbing maintenance service level agreement that will give you peace of mind, a lasting relationship and save you money in the long run. 

Get in touch with DMS Plumbing!

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