The winter cold months are here, which means there is going to be more pressure on the condition of your water pipes than usual. Many of the taps and pipes in your home can fall victim to freezing, especially those that are outside. When this happens, their water density can expend by up to 9%, which more often than not leads to burst water pipes.

The problem isn’t always easy to spot however, with water not being released until it has thawed, or when it is being released into an area of the home where it is not easy to see. When this is left unchecked, the results could be major structural damage to your home. So, to help you act fast, here are a few tell-tale signs that a water pipe in your home may have burst.

Keep an ear out

Once the water starts running, you will almost certainly be able to hear it. If you suspect that you may have a burst pipe, listen carefully for any sounds of dripping or running water in the walls, and see if you can follow the sound to the source. That is where you will find your burst pipe.

Check for moisture

Your outdoor taps and pipes are most susceptible to freezing in the winter time, so they should be one of the first places you check. Use a paper towel under the tap to see if any moisture is being released, if it is, there is a chance that a nearby pipe has burst.

Check tight spaces

You may have to do a little crawling through those dark spaces in the basement or garage to find unheated places which might be a source of freezing. Use a torch and try to sniff out damp spots in these areas before the problem worsens.

Open the taps

Opening up the taps in the kitchen or bathroom will allow you to gauge whether or not any pipes have burst, by measuring the water pressure in your home. A burst pipe will usually result in a serious drop in pressure, so running your taps on all ends of the house is generally a sure-fire way to tell if you need to call a plumber.

Have it seen to immediately

It is important to ensure that when you spot any signs of a burst pipe in your home, that you have the matter dealt with in good time with the assistance of a highly skilled and experienced plumber in your area. If you would like assistance from a plumbing company that knows how to get the job done perfectly each time, give a consultant at DMS Plumbing a call today for further details, advice or pricing.

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