Given that heating can account for more than 30% of your winter electricity bill, selecting the best option to heat your home up is important. Heat pumps are a cost effective alternative to traditional heating options as they move rather than generate heat. This significant invention is the most energy and cost efficient way to keep your home dry during the cold months. To get the most out of your heat pump, you should first know that one size does not fit all. Selecting the perfect model for your space, using it properly and maintaining it regularly could save you on those bills to come.

Do Heat Pumps save money?

Heat pumps are effective in winter. Using heat pumps could possibly save you more money compared to other types of heating. A heat pump’s cost of running depends on how long it is being used and its energy output.

Smart ways to save Money using your Heat Pump:

  • The top way to use a heat pump is to keep it low. Don’t set the device to the maximum – it will not heat the room quicker and will only use more energy.
  • Prepare your heat pump for the winter months.
  • Clean your outdoor and indoor heat pump filter on a regular basis – at least once a year. This is simple to do yourself.
  • Heat the space you are mostly using. Don’t install your heat pump to heat rooms that you are not using often.
  • Turn off your heat pump when you are not using it. They are able to run as long as you need, but ensure to switch it off when no one is around.
  • Keep the heat in by closing windows and doors around the house.

Where to Position your Heat Pump

The outside unit will need a sufficient airflow, as much winter sum and as little frost. They also need to be protected from corrosion. In addition, avoid positioning your heat pump underneath decking or other areas where air does not circulate freely.

Heat pumps come in three different types: ceiling cassettes, floor mounted or high wall. Floor mount heat pumps are the best for heating quickly, by you will need to have a good amount of floor space. High walls are also a great option, and the newer models are becoming less noticeable on your wall. A ceiling cassette is mounted inside the ceiling; this is an option if you lack wall or floor space.

If you are interested in getting a heat pump for your home this coming winter, contact DMS Plumbing!




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