We might not realise it but our lives depend on our geysers for a lot of things. Imagine how miserable it would be if you had to start your day with a cold shower, every day. Your geyser is a staple in your home, which we often don’t think about until there is something wrong with it. 

Sometimes all you need is a professional to repair your geyser but sometimes your geyser will need to be replaced. If your geyser is getting on in years it’s best to keep an eye out for the signs that it is going to break, leaving you without hot water.

Here are some of the common warning signs that it’s time to replace your water heater:

1. Age

Most geysers have a limited life span of 10 years, while they can last that long it is generally not intended to be used beyond that. 

If you want to double-check the age of your geyser, you can double-check the serial number on the geysers with the manufacturer’s sticker. You will see a lot of numbers that start with a letter, generally, the first two numbers after that letter are the manufacturer date of your geyser.



2. Discoloured Water

If you have noticed your hot water has been coming out with a bit of a red tint or “rusty: colour this could be a clear sign of rust. Simply put like all metal, the inside of a geyser can rust over time, leaving you with unsafe rust water.



3. Unusual Noises

Noticing strange sounds coming from your geyser, like clunking, banging and loud noises in general? This is generally a sediment build-up when the geyser is being used. 

A noisy heater is an indication that you need a professional plumber ASAP and it may need to be replaced entirely. 



4. Leaking

A leaking geyser is never a good sign, especially when it is filled with hot water.  The simple science of a geyser is when water heats the metal expands. The older the metal and the more it is used the more likely it is to crack under the pressure causing cracks.

A hissing sound or puddles near your geyser could be a sign of a leaking geyser that will need the attention of your plumber ASAP. 



5. Inadequate Heating

Once a geyser starts leaking and giving you hassle it will slowly start to lose even more function, once one could say it has a foot in the grave. 

Sometimes the devices and mechanisms inside will wear down or break, causing your heater to stop heating. In some cases, this may require a simple repair. However, it could also require a full replacement.

Everyone and every home use a geyser differently. So keep in mind it is important to understand your geyser and how it works for your home, and it’s needs. 

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