Gas Geyser VS Electric Geyser | Which is better? – Deciding between a gas or electric geyser can be a challenging decision, especially if you have never considered it before. The best way we can gauge which is better between the two is by comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the two. The two different types of geysers, of course, work differently from each other and in this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at each geyser’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Gas Geyser

Gas geysers make use of Liquid Petroleum Gas to heat your water, these geyser types have no limit to the amount of water they can heat, they have a constant flow of heated water with immediate supply. A gas geyser consumes less energy and is power efficient with a quicker recovery rate making them perfect for larger families. 



How gas geyser works

A gas geyser works by heating water with the use of a gas burner located below a big tank form where the water is delivered through the pipes. In the course of heating, pressure accumulates in a gas geyser and the pressure valve intervenes and discharges the pressure.



Gas geyser efficiency & Performance 

Due to the heat loss from the walls of the storage tank of a gas geyser and the exhaust gases the storage of gas geysers is relatively inefficient. With a constant supply of warm water, a gas geyser is in a constant cycle of power/ heat being lost or used. A gas geyser is capable of heating a 50-gallon tank in almost an hour and regains that heat really quickly as well for further use. An additional bonus is that a gas geyser will work without power providing constant hot water with no matter the power situation



Gas geyser advantages

  • You have the power to control the level and rate of heating
  • Heating is steady, thereby supporting power preservation. You will conserve a large amount of heat energy if you use the hot water instantly.
  • Suitable for a large family
  • It is very easy to repair a gas geyser
  • You do not need electricity to run a gas geyser
  • Can run gas geyser on both pipeline natural gas and household LPG cylinders


Gas geyser disadvantages

  • Require an additional place to keep the LPG cylinder and bathroom should have proper ventilation
  • Storage gas geyser models are not available. Gas geysers are getting outdated easily
  • Small life span as gas burners tends to damage frequently.
  • Difficult to install and can only be done by professional plumbers.
  • Gas geyser causes pollution because it releases carbon monoxide into the air in the course of burning LPG or natural gas
  • Due to increasing gas prices and the energy crisis, the cost of gas geysers is increasing every day.



Electric Geyser

Electric geysers are, to put plainly, convenient in comparison to their gas geyser counterparts. An electric geyser works with a copper coil which is used to convert electricity into heat energy, although these have changed over the years the fundamental working system has remained the same. 



How electric geyser works

The flow of electricity conveys heat energy to the water contained in the tank and the water is then delivered all the way through the pipelines. It works on the convection principle. Which is better, a gas geyser or electric geyser now that you can identify the types of gas and electric geysers. Which is better, a gas geyser or an electric geyser will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Cost of insulation
  • Cost of buying the geyser
  • Space requirement
  • Efficiency and requirements of the geyser
  • The life expectancy of the geyser



Electric geyser advantages

  • You can install electric geysers nearly everyplace
  • Electric geyser is easy to handle
  • The energy source needed to heat the water is cheap
  • No release of carbon monoxide because there is no burning of fuel
  • Speed of heating is very fast
  • Longer lifespan

Electric geyser disadvantages

  • You need electricity to operate an electric geyser. Do read How to Reduce Geyser Electricity Consumption? for more information.
  • It is highly expensive to buy and operate
  • Short circuit blow-off can lead to possible danger



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