According to realtors, property hunters look at kitchens, bathrooms and overall room size when considering an investment into a home. That said, a fully remodeled bathroom is estimated to increase the value of a home by only 50% of the total cost of the new bathroom – which could be viewed by many as a ‘loss’. 

So where do you draw the line on deciding if the pros and cons of bathroom remodeling are worth it? What are the actual pros and cons of bathroom remodeling?


Pros: You know you want to! 


Your bathroom is just ridiculous. Fix it already


A bathroom renovation is the ideal time to rectify bathroom flaws and correct poor design and layout, such as the bathroom door knocking the vanity cupboard, if the vanity is too close to the door – as an example. Some older bathrooms were carpeted for warmth, instead of tiled, and it’s just gross. 

A bathroom remodel also offers you the chance to ensure that your bathroom is a safe place for you, for small children, and for the elderly. 


pros and cons of bathroom remodelling


Your plumbing really sucks

If you’re aware of plumbing issues in your bathroom – such as noisy, old pipes, or a drainage pipe that doesn’t drain properly and ends up smelling bad – you might find yourself procrastinating those repairs due to cost and convenience factors. A bathroom remodel offers you the perfect opportunity to chop out old pipes and correct plumbing oopsies, with minimal additional fuss. 


pros and cons of bathroom remodelling


You’re still using 15 litres per flush? Seriously?


If your bathroom is really dated, your facilities, fixtures, and fittings are probably considered old-school technology. Toilets from the 1980’s flush up to 15 litres per flush, while new toilets use less than half of that, and still flush better. Similarly, newer faucets are designed to produce an efficient spray, while still outperforming the old-fashioned ‘pour’ of old taps. Even if you’re only considering a small-scale bathroom renovation, you might benefit from updating your plumbing fixtures, for a more efficient bathroom overall. 


pros and cons of bathroom remodelling


You just hate it


The plumbing is operational. The layout makes sense. It’s a safe, functional space with everything you need. But you just hate it. The colour, the tiles, the bathtub, the faucet style, the position of the mirror, the shower curtain clinging to your leg while you wash your hair… You hate it all. That’s OK – you don’t need any other reason. If you have the capital to invest in home aesthetics, it’s your home. Do it. 




Cons: But maybe you shouldn’t…

It’s flippen expensive


Bathrooms and kitchens rank as the most expensive home areas to build or renovate. This is especially true when hiring the services of a professional construction team, which we would recommend over DIY solutions. Unless you’re facing major functionality problems in your bathroom, the cost may prove more than you’re willing to pay for the simple pleasure of a nicer tile colour or bigger shower.


pros and cons of bathroom remodelling


You’re flogging your home


It’s a common misperception that bathroom renovations will increase the value of a house if you’re planning on putting it on the market. This is simply not true. On average, a full bathroom renovation will only increase the value of your home by 50% of what you spent renovating it. It’s a no-brainer! 


pros and cons of bathroom remodelling



You still need to shower every day


… and you still need to pee! 

Bathroom renovations are hugely inconvenient, affecting personal sanitation in the worst way. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a second bathroom, you’ll be fighting the Missus over it for a few weeks, until your professional renovations are complete. Make sure you have a back-up plan in place, such as a glamorous backyard porter-potty, and that your marriage is rock-solid and can survive the stress! 


pros and cons of bathroom remodelling



The pros and cons of bathroom remodeling are personal


So, are the pros and cons of bathroom remodeling worth it? There is no one-size-fits-all answer – you need to weigh up your own situation, your own personal needs, and your budget. 

Call in the professionals to give you some ideas and quotes on bathroom design, and let a plumber walk you through the best practical solutions for your bathroom remodel.


pros and cons of bathroom remodelling


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