Believe it or not, plumbing is often a neglected home maintenance chore, so it makes sense that the majority of service calls we receive are often remedial rather than preventative. Leaving your home plumbing until issues arise is far more expensive than having a monthly or bi-monthly check-in on your pipes and plumbing in the long run. 

But don’t worry, if it seems like a bit of a daunting task we will take you to step for step on the benefits of plumbing contracts so that we worry about your most used and highly intricate plumbing so you don’t have to.

Here are a couple of things to ask and you need to know before signing up for a plumbing contract:

1. Experience & Expertise

The difference between a good and a great plumber is their license and paperwork, any plumber worth his/her salt will have a fully accredited license along with several years of experience to do the job professionally. 

Therefore he/ she can correctly identify and fix any of your plumbing issues, even if you haven’t seen or handled some of these issues yourself you can rest assured that the job is being done well from a licensed professional plumber. 



2. Give Expert Advice

When it comes to a plumbing contractor, your dedicated plumber will give you advice on your plumbing based on the issue at hand. Keep in mind that there will be times that the plumbing problem is difficult to resolve, replace or sometimes permanently fix. 

However, that is where your professional plumber will look at each plumbing problem separately, evaluate the issue and offer expert advice and ways to improve or repair your plumbing system. This is where the difference is between reactive plumbing solutions versus proactive plumbing solutions to better benefit you. 



3. Technical Knowledge

If you are looking to renovate or install plumbing in a new building, a professional plumbing contractor can come in handy. First, your plumber will know where to start, create blueprints and layout for your plumbing, have them submitted to your local city of Johannesburg for approval and your contracted plumber will supervise all the work until it is completed. 

With peace of mind, and a professional plumber at hand you know the work is being done well and to best practices for years to come. 



4. Right Tools & Equipment

A professional plumbing contractor is committed to his work and doing it well, that is why he will invest in quality tools and equipment to ensure the job goes over smoothly.  Along with using high-quality tools and materials your plumber needs to ensure he has the right tools on hand, which often consists of specialised pipe benders, CCTV cameras for inspection, etc. 

Saving you the money, hassle and know-how if buying and using these tools that come standard with your plumbing contract and contractor when they work on your plumbing. 



5. Service Guarantees

A plumbing contract is not only cost-effective and alleviates a lot of stress with having to deal with monthly maintenance but there is also a signed contract and guarantees put in place to protect you. A professional plumber is good at what he does and will do their best to meet client expectations within agreed deadlines, which is where the guarantee on work and timelines will come into effect. 



DMS Plumbing is professional plumbers and can offer a job well done for any homeowner or industrial building that needs a plumbing contract. To find out more or to contact us you can contact us through our website or you can call us on our toll-free line, 0800 758 622.

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