As a homeowner or property owner, are you aware of the layout on your property of your plumbing system? 

In most cases, the majority of plumbing pipes would be buried, making it almost impossible to locate lines. In order to maintain and prolong the condition of your drains, it’s important to get the inside story on them.  

The best way to do this is through a CCTV drain inspection with the help of a drain inspection camera.  


cctv drain inspections

What is a CCTV drain inspection?

A CCTV drain inspection is an in-depth inspection of your drainage system, using a high-tech waterproof camera that is inserted into your drains. This is a fast and cost-effective way of visually inspecting your drains to accurately diagnose any drainage faults so that your plumber can provide you with effective solutions in an affordable, non-invasive way. 


CCTV drain inspection


The camera displays a live-feed on a monitor allowing your plumbing technician to get a good view into your drains so that they can identify any issues that might be present.

The camera is propelled through the pipe work using a semi-rigid rod. All CCTV drain inspection surveys come complete with a fully comprehensive report. The report identifies the most economical and cost effective method of repair.


cctv drain inspections


This will ultimately save you time and money. And give you peace of mind knowing exactly what is happening in your drainage system and what condition your pipes are in.

Why would I need a CCTV drain inspection?

CCTV drain inspections have a variety of uses ranging from correctly diagnosing and locating damaged pipes through to deciding whether or not to purchase a new home or property:

Locating pipes  



If you are planning on renovating, landscaping or putting in a pool knowing the location of your pipes and drainage is a huge advantage. CCTV drain inspections can provide a clear outline of where your pipes and drainage are located so that you don’t get any nasty surprises, ensuring no significant impacts to your designs or renovation layouts.


Find the cause of blocked drains


CCTV drain inspection


A CCTV drain inspection will be able to diagnose whatever problem is affecting your drains and what the best approach to fixing it is. Specially developed state-of-the-art camera technology, which produces high-quality color pictures, allowing the CCTV drain inspection technician to take a ‘close-up’ look at the inside of drains, pipes, and sewers. These surveys identify the cause and nature of blockages whilst checking for internal conditions and pipe work integrity.

Considering buying a home or property


CCTV drain inspection


Most people arrange a building and pest inspection before they purchase a property, but did you know that a drainage inspection is not part of this process? 

This can be a major oversight for buyers considering drain repairs can be very expensive especially if the whole system needs replacing. Buying a home or property is a big investment so it makes sense to ensure you have all this information before you sign any contracts.  



If the main sewer line blocks, toilets and drains throughout your house or offices will begin to backup. And within your own plumbing system, a hairline crack may not seem like a major problem but wait until your Aunty Mary from Mossel Bay and her five children stay the weekend and you suddenly realise your plumbing system is blocked up.

This is a very stressful situation for property owners who don’t know of professional plumbers. You can be stuck between a rock and a hard place and it can happen at any time.


CCTV drain inspection


Conducting regular drain inspections means you are able to identify and repair small issues before they become a major problem. 

Contact DMS Plumbing to get your drains inspected today, where your number 2 is our number 1 same day callout service ensures your peace of mind and a stress free process.

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