Can you remember the last time you had your drain cleaned, professionally cleaned/ Many homeowners or business owners for that matter don’t invest in preventative maintenance services which often lead up to some severely blocked and clogged pipes? If you have noticed that your toilet is gurgling, slow drain or any other draining problem, you may want to consider having your drain professionally cleaned.


Minimize Blockages

If you have a plumbing contract or you have your drains cleaned regularly you can prevent blockages in general. Even the smallest of blocks have the potential to cause major damage and chaos to your pipe and plumbing system that ultimately leads back to your home. Using drain cleaners and strong chemical cleaners may be your be-all to fix your drainage problem but in reality, this isn’t really recommended as strong chemical and some drain cleaners can corrode and worsen the quality of your pipes. In the end, you will have to call a plumber for what could have been a small blockage removal for a now much larger and potentially expensive fix. 


professionally cleaned drain


Get Rid of Odors

An increased smell coming from your drains that leaks into your home is a clear indicator of a blocked drain. General organic and waste matter gets stuck inside of your pipes which becomes smelly over time, this is why it is not advised to throw waste, cooking fat and oils down your drains at all as this builds up in your pipes over time. You can try lemon, bi-card and vinegar to clean out the smells but if it still persists we suggest calling in a professional plumber to clean out your plumbing pipes. 



Keeps Your Home Healthy

Some blockages can cause serious harm to you and your families if not attended to such as backed up sewer lines. The biggest threat here is when the sewer line is backed up and there is potential for raw sewage to leak back into your home. Raw sewage doesn’t only smell bad but it carries a lot of harmful bacteria that if you come into contact with you can get very sick from, the sad truth is that this happens more often than not. Most people tend to forget about their swerve lines and that they need maintenance once in a while reuslint in a blocked pipe that leaks back into your home. Having your swerve line cleaned once a year can save you a lot of trouble in the long run and keep your home clean, smelling good and your whole family safe from any harmful bacteria. 


drain cleaned


Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs

Severely clogged drains, as hard as we may wish, never go away on their own. Over time they will create massive drainage blockages causing flooding and water damage to your home or business. When this happens, you will end up with a huge repair bill that could have been avoided with monthly or even yearly maintenance depending on your plumbing systems. Don’t let a blockage get the better of you, keep an eye out on your plumbing and pipes and call in a professional sooner rather than later.



Preventive Maintenance Services

Professional drain cleaning services are affordable and convenient in most cases and if you were lucky enough to call in your plumber early. Keep in mind depending on the size of your home, business and what type of plumbing system you have and its intricacies you may have to pay more for your plumbing blockage to be resolved. Luckily most plumbing companies offer year-round maintenance and even plumbing contracts to make this easier for you to take care of and maintain your pipes and plumbing. 


drain professionally cleaned


Don’t discount the benefits of a professional drain cleaning service. If you’ve never had this service done, it’s not too late. Call DMS Plumbing to start now for cleaner drains tomorrow, you can contact us through our contact page on the website or feel free to call us on 0800 758 622.

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